We're delighted to be awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark. The IQM process allows us to fully explore all aspects of education within our school, providing a complete audit of our provision. Bunscoill Rhumsaa becomes the third school on the Isle of Man to achieve this recognition, following Cronk-y-Berry and Dhoon School.

You can find out more about the IQM here --> All about the IQM!

We were visited for two full days by Dr Wendy Daley of the IQM, who spent that time enjoying chats with parents, teachers, support staff and children, as well as visiting classrooms to see some lessons, joining us for assembly and much more! You can see the summary report on our front page, but look what she had to say about our terrific pupils!

"A big thank you to you, the pupils of Bunscoill Rhumsaa. You are ready to speak up and have the confidence to grow your own opinions without worry. You love all the opportunities that you are given and have a readiness and enthusiasm to learn even more. You know how to begin to solve and manage problems and difficulties, and you are ready to offer help and advice to each other. I love the way you are so patient and caring of each other. I felt very welcomed and really enjoyed all your conversations and chats. Thank you so very much. I can see how proud you are to be pupils of this school".

Dr Daley went on to recommend the school be awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark, and expressed her confidence that it move towards 'Centre of Excellence' status with "only minor areas requiring development" in order to achieve this.