This week was National Anti-Bullying Week - and Bunscoill Rhumsaa played its part! There were lots of activities taking place through the school based around this year's theme of 'Choose Respect'. Our Year 5 pupils really took the lead with all this, leading all sorts of competitions, lessons and games for the younger children in school, starting with an assembly in both the Infant and Junior buildings on Monday morning. It was a lot of fun, but also very useful and informative for everyone involved - we couldn wait to get started!

The aim of the week is to help children understand bullying, know what to do if they feel they are a victim of or witness to bullying, and to provide and promote strategies for children to help combat bullying. In particular, we will work to help our children understand;

  • The definition of respect

  • That bullying is a behaviour choice

  • That we can respectfully disagree with each other i.e. we don’t have to be best friends or always agree with each other but we do have to respect each other

  • That we all need to choose to respect each other both face to face and online