At Bunscoill Rhumsaa, we use Chris Quigley's 'Secrets of Success' to help our pupils develop the right attitude and approach to life and learning! The pupils here learn that success isn't just about money. It's about happiness, choices and feeling good about yourself. Our pupils understand that:

You are not born successful

Everyone has setbacks and failures

The first step to success is choosing

The first step to success is finding something to be good at! Successful people are always trying new things . How many new things have you tried this week?

If you find the things you love doing then work feels like play, time flies by, you just won't want to stop and you just don't notice anything else! If you don't keep trying new things, you might never find your energy zone!

If you want to get really good at something there are no short cuts – it’s all about practising . Now that’s not something everyone wants to hear but it’s true. Just ask anyone who is really good at something how he or she became good at it.

If you are finding something tricky to understand, working at it really helps

To get good at something, you need to concentrate and get it done but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. There are things that can stop you from concentrating: browsing the internet, trying to do too many things at once, friends… If you can’t avoid distractions you can learn to tune out the things that put you off. This is useful when a classroom is noisy or if someone near to you is being a distraction. This one takes practice and is much easier when you are really clear about what you are doing.

To be really successful, you have to push yourself. How can you push yourself? Choose something that you really want to achieve - this is your goal or target! Goals can be anything you like, big or small - it's up to you!

When you have a goal you start to do things that help you reach your goal. Goals work best when they are things you really want to do, but seem hard – that’s why you need to push yourself to do them .

Successful people imagine what things could be like - even if things aren’t very good now. If you want things to change, first you have to think about how they could be . This is creative thinking . The only way to be really creative is to have ideas. That sounds like it may be a bit tricky but here’s the good bit… they don’t always have to be good ideas ! Most good ideas only come after lots of bad ideas. Try to have lots of of ideas every day and then work out which are good and which are not so good. REMEMBER: GREAT IDEAS ONLY COME FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO BE WRONG!

Successful people are always trying to make things better . That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with what they have but...they imagine the possibilities. They imagine what things could be like if they were just a bit better. They make lots of small improvements rather than big changes. Some people call this tweaking or refining. Successful people are always looking for ways to make good things GREAT!

Successful people don’t just think about themselves. They often think about others . They want to do things that are USEFUL for other people. Instead of asking ‘What can I get out of this?’ try asking ‘What can I give?’

Successful people think about others, listen to the views of others, reflect and look to see if there are any faults in their own work.

Successful people don’t give up . Successful people experience: bad luck, setbacks, failures, criticism, rejection…and sometimes they even lose the energy to keep going! But they always find a way around those problems. Successful people are resilient. They often bounce back with bigger, better ideas than before. That’s because they know that it’s not the end of the world to be wrong.

In fact, they know that nothing really great will ever happen if people aren’t prepared to be wrong.