Our shared vision allows us to work together effectively. Learning is child-centred and we have an open dialogue with our children, following their ideas and involving pupils in the planning process.

Fostering respectful attitudes towards each other we move forward, embracing fun and challenge everyday. We believe that childhood is a valuable, enjoyable time which should be celebrated. As a result, all staff embrace the same goals which are supported by consistent and high standards across the school. Staff are positive role models for the children, leading by example as well as explicitly teaching the attitudes and skills that the children need to succeed.

Together, we seize quality learning opportunities.

The staff at Bunscoill Rhumsaa develop an inherent understanding of the children and their individual needs. There is a nurturing, trusting environment in which to learn, develop and to allow children to take risks. Our children participate confidently in lessons which develop their well being, supported by enthusiastic teachers.

Every child at Bunscoill Rhumsaa is an individual. They may be on different learning journeys but many of the children have similar goals. Thus, their learning takes place in a variety of different groups and incorporates different learning styles. We strive to keep our class sizes small and each child is able to be appropriately challenged through thoughtful, inclusive differentiation as well as the effective use of support staff. Our support staff are highly valued members of the school community and we ensure that they are always involved in decision making and planning. We always ensure that we utilise the strengths of staff so that we can continually improve the learning opportunities for the pupils at Bunscoill Rhumsaa.

One essential ingredient in the success of our school is our honest and regular discussion with all staff and children. We ensure that the lines of communication are open and accessible. Within our listening culture, teachers and support staff have regular feedback sessions with the children to give them constructive guidance and to provide them with attainable next steps. Children know how they can improve their work and are comfortable asking for more support where they feel they need it. Our children are reflective which allows our feedback sessions to be productive and evaluative two-way discussions which make a real difference to their learning.

We have a modern, spacious building which allows us to maximise the opportunities for learning. We have developed and extended our outdoor spaces to include gardens for pupils, forest zones and poly-tunnels. Pupils have the opportunity to learn in bright, appealing areas around the school which stimulate their learning. They also have a variety of outdoor equipment to interact with such as ‘playbins’, creative walls and climbing walls.

The staff at Bunscoill Rhumsaa are always learning too. Staff meetings are carefully planned to develop and enhance our expertise. We regularly dedicate meetings to sharing good practice and team-building, giving staff the time to talk openly about their experiences. Our staff are also given regular opportunities to visit and observe exemplary lessons within the school and in other schools around the Island. Staff have the opportunity to lead meetings and say how they feel they would be best used.

Our aim is that the children in our care leave Bunscoill Rhumsaa happy, healthy, confident and equipped with the attitude, skills and knowledge for the world around them.

Vision Statement

Created by staff September 2015