Our uniform consists of:

black or grey trousers or skirt,

a white polo shirt,

red sweatshirt*, jumper or cardigan*.

sensible black shoes.

During the summer months smart black or grey shorts (of a suitable length) or red checked summer dresses may be worn.

If tights are worn they should be black, grey or red

PE/Games uniform: Shorts and T-shirt*, trainers or pumps. ( If possible we like children to wear a T-shirt in their House colour.)

Swimming: Girls - a one piece swimming costume and towel. Boys - swimming trunks (not baggy shorts) and towel. Goggles may be worn but must be adjusted at home or by the child.

Anyone with long hair must wear a swimming hat.

  • available to buy / order from the school office

All reception children will be given a book bag to take books to and from school. If another one is required, for any reason, they may be purchased from the office.