At Bunscoill Rhumsaa, our Specialist Provision Centre (SPC) has three classes; STAR, Cosmos and Discovery Class. Our SPC is structured in a needs-based model, with the classroom enviornments and learning tailored to meet the varied and individual needs of our students. The specialist focus for each class is as follows:

STAR Class – Environment and learning tailored to provide physical exploration, movement, and communication skills through sensory activities.

Cosmos Class – Environment and learning tailored to provide multi-sensory experiences, engagement, and development of communication skills and preferences.

Discovery Class – Environment and learning tailored to provide access and development of core skills in Literacy and Numeracy across all curriculum subjects, as well as appropriate access to mainstream classes.

Aalish Creer leads learning in STAR Class, Zoe Greatbatch has oversight of learning and progress in Cosmos Class and Fiona Collins leads learning in Discovery Class.

All three classes classes are supported by a number of skilled Senior Education Support Officers and Education Support Officers. The overall Specialist Provision Centre, and the quality of education and care within it, is led by Zoe Greatbatch.

With smaller class sizes and higher staff to student ratios, our Specialist Provision Centre provides high quality teaching, learning and care for our students identified as having complex special educational needs and/or disabilities.

At Rhumsaa SPC, we recognise and celebrate each of our students as the individual that they are, striving to ensure that we meet each student at their level in every aspect of their learning and development. Teaching and learning are differentiated and adapted to ensure that it is appropriate and meaningful challenge is applied to our students. This is achieved through quality first teaching, specialist approaches, strategies and engaging hooks for learning throughout.

Our students are also very much part of the wider school community and join their peers for some lessons, playtimes and lunches. We are continuously reviewing how we can make our school experience as inclusive and accessible for all of our students. The staff at Rhumsaa SPC work incredibly hard to engage with wider professionals to ensure a multi-agency approach is provided to support the development of our students both in an educational and holistic way.

If you would like to find out more about our Specialist Provision Centre, please feel free to contact our school enquiries email!