What is the Rhumsaa Difference?

Simple; it's six things which lie at the heart of everything we do! These are unique to Bunscoill Rhumsaa, which means our curriculum, our approach and our values are unlike any other school on the Isle of Man!

Read on to find out more!


We believe that we perform at our best when we are happy and healthy. So, we make sure our school is a nurturing, caring and stimulating environment for everyone. We encourage well-being through healthy minds and bodies. We teach our pupils the value of sport, whether for fun or competition and about the importance of a positive mental attitude, self-belief and a healthy respect for others.


We know how lucky we are to live and learn in a part of the island which is rich in culture and tradition. We make sure that our pupils are given every opportunity to celebrate that legacy; from music and dance to our local history and geography, our curriculum is geared towards discovering and enjoying our proud heritage.


At Bunscoill Rhumsaa we celebrate creativity in teaching and learning. Our pupils and staff are encouraged to be imaginative in their approach so that we help children to become become confident, capable problem-solvers. We want our pupils to be able to make the most of the resources around them, we want them to learn how to make choices about how best to tackle challenges and we want them to be able to make effective use of the technology available to them.


We're fully inclusive, offering a curriculum which allows full access for all of our pupils and which celebrates their individual talents and abilities. Our pupils are offered a range of learning activities which enables them to make the most of their own strengths and provides every child an opportunity to discover and develop their own skills.


We want our pupils to be inspired by their learning so our curriculum is enjoyable, engaging and exciting! We want to foster our pupils' spirit of enquiry, so to do that we make sure that they are offered lots of chances to use their initiative, make choices about their learning, be independent and be team-workers.

Global Awareness

The world is getting smaller all the time and we think it's important for our pupils to develop their global awareness. To that end, we always look for opportunities to talk about how we can make our difference in our own community and the global one. From taking part in local charity events, to learning how children live in other parts of the world, to playing our part in worldwide occasions, our pupils learn that they are truly global citizens.